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Plumbing and Fixtures


In Hawaii, the County building departments require all new construction to have a licensed plumbing contractor doing all the plumbing for your new home. 

This page includes general information, and your contractor will oversee and perform all your plumbing and fixtures installations according to your plumbing plans and the bath and kitchen fixtures you select for your new home.


Q.   What about installing plumbing?

A.  Plumbing installations are standard.  Whether you build single- or double-wall, or a combination of both, the plumbing is done no differently in a Multi-Facetted Home, than what you are already accustomed to seeing.

Here is a kitchen in a Hale-12



And another Hale-12 kitchen:    


And one more:    

Plumbing pipes come up from under the foundation if it's a post and pier, or up through a concrete pad foundation.   The placement is determined and specified in your architectural plans.    As in any home, the interior portion of pipes are generally located inside cabinets, or behind/under tub/shower units. 

Some Hale-8 and Hale-12 Bathroom installations:



We generally recommend that your kitchens and bathrooms are double-wall construction.  With a semi-gloss paint (or tile or wallpaper), this gives you a wipe-able wall surface, and you will have the inside of the double-wall area for plumbing your walls -- in addition to being able to run any pipes between rooms down below the floors of a post-and-pier foundation.    


Just as with the electrical, your plumbing contractor will be able to install the plumbing fixtures for your Multi-Facetted home, in the customary way.

Click here to view inside some more rooms with plumbing installations:


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