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Garages, Gazebos,

Saunas and Fun Stuff


Feel free to use your imagination to create additional uses for our homes and cottages!  

Here are some more ideas for our Hale's that we've designed and built so far . . .

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Hale-8 & Hale-6 roof/ceiling systems make beautiful Gazebo designs:

 wpe80495.gif (449581 bytes)     wpe84808.gif (534192 bytes)

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Garages and Game Rooms     

Hale-12 makes a great 2-car garage, either attached to your MFH home
or stand-alone and perhaps connected by a covered breeze-way:


wpe04766.gif (476625 bytes)      

      Also makes a nice rec. room for guests and parties:




Another spacious  Hale-12 Game Room:


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The Hale-8 will hold a full-size billiard table nicely.



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Here is a Hale-6 that has been made as a Sauna/Bath House.  There is a bathroom added on the right side, and an outdoor sink/vanity under the front porch cover...


Here is a look at the inside, which is fragrant in natural unfinished kiln-dried Port Orford Cedar:


 This is an energy self-sufficient unit, with solar lighting, wood-stove heated water for the bath/shower and a composting toilet:


Click here for more information and pricing on the Hale-6's.

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The Hale-8 roof system can be used to make a lovely small swimming pool with sun-deck and semi-transparent gazebo sunscreen cover:



You can make a larger covered pool with a Hale-12 roof-ceiling system.

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Hale-12 makes a great family Pool-Room/Game-room/Playhouse, large enough to accommodate a billiard / ping-pong table, plus a sewing area, kitchenette, bathroom, etc.

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              wpe81229.gif (864918 bytes)     wpe39151.gif (424277 bytes)       

The Hale's are all ideal for:

bulletseparate guest cottages
bulletseparate master bedroom suites
bulletbedrooms for teen-agers or adult relatives
bulletart or music studios
bulletretreat cottages
bulletprivate meditation rooms
bulletseparate bath house
bulletor for adding any kind of rooms which offer more privacy from the main areas of your home.   

What kind of special space could you use?

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Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

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