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Floor Coverings

Sub-floor:  Sometimes we are asked if a sub-floor is included in our standard packages.  (Some companies like to build a framed-up panelized wooden sub-floor and add it onto your package.)

A special panelized flooring system is not necessary, because you can easily assemble a Multi-Facetted Home shell on any kind of foundation you like, including a concrete pad, or a post & pier foundation of any height.   If you build on a pad, there is no need for any sub-floor for your new home.  For some more information on foundations, click here.

 Floor Coverings are a matter of personal preference, and most homeowners choose to have several types of floor coverings (carpet, tile, vinyl, wood, etc.) in different rooms of their homes.  The options are so numerous that we do not try to specify any certain type of flooring for your home, or add this into your standard package. 

There are many companies who specialize in carpets, tile, vinyl, hardwoods, etc. and we invite you to shop and choose what will suit you best for each part of your new home.