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Perhaps... Horses in the Family?


If you might want to add a horse, or several of them

to your home front, and live with them right nearby,

everything is set and ready...  



Shady, airy stables built on a beautiful Hawaiian rock-wall outcropping

with fabulous ocean views...         


Hand-made Hawaiian rock-wall stairways

framed with fragrant and colorful tropical flowers

Two of the 3 Hawaiian rock stairways leading up to the horse stables



Stables include four (4) double-size stalls with horse health and comfort in mind.


Each double-size stall has a 12x12' front section with rubber mats,

installed over good gravel drainage...


and a 12x12' back section with deep pea-gravel footing for optimal hoof health.


Stall sections are divided by hinged gates,
and can be easily opened or closed
to accommodate more or less horses.

As recommended by The Perfect Stall:

Stables include four (4) Stainless Steel
Nelson On-Demand Horse Waterers

Nelson Waterers are of lifetime quality, used in municipal zoos,
for easy-clean sanitation and super-reliable operation. 

(USD$900. each, FOB Hawaii)

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Also, as recommended by The Perfect Stall:

Stables include four (4)
3-in-1 Horse Feeders
(USD$300. each, FOB Hawaii)

The ProPanel Horse Feeders are being recommended by leading equine veterinarians
and are becoming very popular at many of the large US equine training barns.

They put the horse's head in a more natural position for chewing,
keep hay irritants out of their eyes, drastically reduce hay spillage and waste. 

for more information see:

8' x 24' Solid Aluminum feed & tack rooms, under High Grade (316) Stainless Steel roof cover

 Covered tractor-driving/parking area, under roof

 Horse hitching / saddling area, also under roof cover




Stables are equipped for servicing all kinds of equine care and needs:

  •   Electrical wiring with GFI outlets

  •   Water Faucets

  •   2-line Telephone


and very bright, energy-efficient overhead lighting, for excellent visibility, day or night.




Your horses are not far from your bedroom view...

Here is the view, looking back over to house from the horse stables:

Turnout Paddock


Pea-gravel paddocks for turn-out and hoof-healthy footing.

Good fencing with safety electric horse protection.

Round Pen / Arena

And for exercise and riding / training...   


Round Pen in Paradise

 55' round pen / arena with deep pea-gravel footing.


and fabulous wide-open ocean views






Solar torches & lites in round pen, for day and night riding / training




Handy tack area located on back side of house near the Round Pen, includes

Saddle Racks, shelf, halter/bridle hooks, and a washtub for outside cleanup.



This area is great for trail riding, and several close neighbors trail ride their horses nearby.

Hana Ranch is active with horse events, rodeo, Aloha Festival, parades, etc.




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