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Wiring and Installations

In Hawaii, the County building departments require all new construction to have a licensed electrical contractor doing all the wiring for your new home. 

This page includes general information, and your contractor will oversee and perform all your wiring and electrical installations according to your electrical plans and the fixtures you select for your new home.


Q.   With all the open woodworking, how do you install electrical wiring and light fixtures in these homes?

A.  It is very easy to do these installations.  Your electrician will have no problem wiring the light fixtures of your choice, professionally and discretely. 

As you know, your Multi-Facetted home is panelized.  And In between each of the wall and/or roof panels there is room to run channels for wiring, which will be covered over once your redwood trim pieces have been applied.  The result is a furniture-quality finish that hides the wiring to your lights, switches and/or outlets. 

Here are some photos of various kinds of installed light fixtures:

Ceiling Fan / Lights, centrally installed:   


Ceiling Fan / Lights, installed wherever you like:

Wall-Mount or  Sconce Light Fixtures:

Surface-mounted central Ceiling Light:

Ceiling-Suspended Light Fixtures:

(Wiring is hidden underneath the Redwood Trim pieces.)

For light switches, switch boxes or outlet plugs,

you can run the wire in from behind the included Redwood Trim:


Light Switches:           



 (Light switch and fan control - view and close-up)      

(Light switch and alarm panel - view and close-up)  

Electrical Outlets:      

Flush-mount or Surface-mount

  (view and close-up)  

And on single-wall areas, you can also run wires along inside-corners or door moldings, and then cover them with a redwood conduit molding:

 (view and close-up)     

  Those are just some examples out of many, and you can see that it's easy to install just about any types of lighting, plugs and switches you may like, in Multi-Facetted Homes.  


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