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Home Design

  Information and Planning Tools  


Now that you're ready to start laying out ideas for your own custom-designed Multi-Facetted Home, we have some more information and "tools" you can feel free to use...

Design Q & A's

Now that you are looking into the design phase of your new home, your questions may be getting more specific, as you now have certain aspects to consider and decide upon. 

We hope this additional  Design Q &A detail information page will be helpful to you... 

  Click here for our Design Q&A Information Page  


Design Sketch Sheets


We have prepared some Blank Design Sketch Sheets for your use, with proportions and measurements. 

 How to use them?  Just right-click on one to select it, and then you will be able to copy and paste, save and/or print them out for your at-home or at-office use. 


  Windows and Doors 

You have your selection of Doors and Windows for your new home. 

You can feel free to design your home with just about any number and placement of doors and/or windows.  Our architectural staff will help you, to make sure that everything is according to building codes.

As to pricing. . .  Each hale has a standard allotment of doors and windows included in the package.   If you have more or less (windows or doors) than these allotments, we can adjust your package by crediting or charging you, accordingly.

To find out the standard allotments for the hale of your choice,  you can check the "What's Included" pages at each Floor Plan Design Area (Hale-6, Hale-8, Hale-12, etc.) or just ask us, and we can let you know. 

Click here to see more about Door and Window Selections.  

Floors and Flooring

What about sub-floors, floors and floor coverings  Click here for more information.


Click here for more information on:

  •  Foundations

  •  Sub-floors

  •  Floors

       for your new home.

Roofing Materials

What about the roofing for my new home?   

You can install almost any type of regular roofing on your Multi-Facetted Home. 

Because of the wide variety of types, colors and styles of roofing materials -- and because some island areas require water catchment roofing options...   We do not limit your freedom of choice by selling you (including) a certain type (or color) of roofing material in your shell package.

Your new MFH package will include roofing underlayment materials that you can apply on your assembly day, to achieve a weather-tight shell assembly.

You are free to shop and choose the roofing of your choice and preference from the various roofing materials sellers in your area.   If you would like recommendations, we would be glad to assist you.   

Roofing for Catchment Systems:  Many properties in Hawaii are outside of access to County water, and residents use their roofs to catch rain-water to supply their households.   Some roofing materials have turned out to be questionable, as time and weather causes deterioration - - because of surface-coat painting materials that can peel and leech over time, and/or rust and corrosion that comes through the paint, causes leaks, etc...

If you will be catching rain water for your household needs, you may want to look for food-grade potable water approved roofing materials.    Some examples include:

  •  Aluminum roofing
  •  Stainless Steel roofing
  •  Other non-rusting or non-leaching roofing materials

We have had excellent results with Aluminum Shake Shingle roofing on our models - which is lifetime warranteed, is nice looking, and also insulated for sound (heavy rains) and heat.  

Climate Considerations:  If you will be building in an area that gets a lot of sun, you will want to look into roof vents, and also consider roof insulation.

Roof Vents:  We stock and supply 3 types of roof vents for increasing air circulation and venting the heat up and out of the top of your new home:  Passive, Turbine, and Solar-powered roof vents.   During your design phase we can assist you in deciding upon the number and type of vents you may want to add to your new home.  Depending upon your choices, we will frame for these vent(s) when making your roof panels, and provide you with the vent(s) of your choice.  

Roofing Insulation:  Some roofing materials come with a layer of foam or other type of insulation on the underside.  Or you can purchase and apply various types of insulation materials over the underlayment provided with your MFH package, and before you install the actual roofing materials on your new home.

Your roofer or building materials supplier can provide you with more information on types of materials and pricing, and recommendations for what may work best in your climate area and for your individual needs.



Up Design Q&A's Design Sketch Sheets Doors & Windows Flooring Electrical Plumbing

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