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The Hale-6

( Prounounced  "Ha-lay 6" ) 

"Hale" is the Hawaiian word for a home or cottage.


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   If you have a teenager, or someone who would enjoy having a "room of their own", the Hale-6 can be an easy way to increase the number of bedrooms at your residence, without having to move or remodel your main home.  Cute bedroom designs with sleeping bunks above, and room for dressers and hanging clothes below, make this a very special place to "hang your hat".

Small enough to move by truck, a Hale-6 can be added wherever you live, and then taken along with you  if you ever change home locations.


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The Hale-6 was initially designed with this in mind:   Often at a new construction site, there is no secure place to keep tools and building supplies, until after the actual house has been constructed.  The Hale-6 can be a perfect "first structure" on your building site. 
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It can be used initially to keep things securely stored, and then once your main home is finished, it makes a charming guest room which compliments and matches the main Multi-Facetted Home on the property.
The Hale-6 makes a convenient private office space as well.  Our drafting staff has one of their offices in a Hale-6, with ample room for a computer, photocopier, an architectural plan plotter and a blueprint printer.

With an 8" center-top opening for turbine vent (air circulation), a wood stove can be installed in a Hale-6 and it's perfect for fitting the chimney-pipe, for an authentic stove-heated sauna.  The natural Port Orford Cedar interior makes it a very fragrant and pleasurable experience to step inside.

Here is a Hale-6 that has been made as a Sauna/Bath House.  There is a bathroom added on the right side, and an outdoor sink/vanity under the front porch cover...



Here is a look at the inside, which is fragrant in natural unfinished kiln-dried Port Orford Cedar:

 The Hale-6 that you see in these photos is an energy self-sufficient unit, with solar lighting, wood-stove heated water for the sink and bath/shower, and a Biolet composting toilet:


Here is a Hale-6 that has been made up as a young person's bedroom


A redwood sleeping loft/bunk about 5' up  allows room for a desk or a dresser underneath, and a clothes rack for hanging garments. 

Overall, the Hale-6 makes a very workable space for a private little "cottage" bedroom.


If you need a little extra space for an office, a bedroom or for visiting guests, a Hale-6 can be a simple and charming way to add to your existing home, whether you currently own or rent.

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Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

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