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The Hale-12

Design Samples

( Prounounced  "Ha-lay 12" ) 

"Hale" is the Hawaiian word for a home.

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 The Hale-12's: (30' Diameter 12-Sided Dodecagon) 
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wpe74542.gif (1250275 bytes)     

2-1/3 times the sq. ft. of the Hale-8, the Hale-12 is open and spacious, with a 6' skylight in the center. 


Optional radiating covered decks add a nice touch.    



Assembles weather-tight in one day...


See how the roof/ceiling panels slide into place!


A finished Expanded Hale-12

The Hale-12 is a convenient size for a 2-bedroom home or cottage, though we've done many other floor plan layouts for the Hale-12.  

In a multi-sided home, there is reported to be about 20-25% more usable living space than in square-type homes of the same square footage, which have a lot of wasted corner space. 


The Hale-12, at 655 sq. ft. has a spacious and airy feeling, and always lots of light, due to its large 6' center tinted  skylight, which comes standard in all Hale-12 packages.   


Here is a basic sample 2-Bedroom design:


You can have added covered lanai or decks, as you wish...


Here is a beautiful open floor plan design of one of our clients, which makes use of additional spaciousness by surrounding the living areas with covered deck areas, and lots of vantage points for panoramic views:

Here is a photo taken inside of the above-sketched Hale-12 Floor Plan 12-B:

And here is how it can look from the front...

On a concrete pad foundation:


Wrap-Around  full  or  partial  Lanais on a Post and Pier foundation, with Railings:


    wpe74542.gif (1250275 bytes)                      




Some interior views of a Hale-12 ...


And inside another one...





Covered Lanais and Porches


  As shown above, you can use Expanded Covered Lanai areas to wrap around your entire home, or just in partial areas, or even for nice Covered Entry Decks.    You can design and make them one or more panels in size, as desired...


Here are a few photo views  of how one of our clients did theirs as a back entry porch.  In finishing their lanai railings, they made creative use of tempered glass door panels to give shelter from wind and rain,  still allowing for enjoying their lovely scenic views. 

This is an example of a nicely finished one-panel covered entry lanai:



(click any photos to enlarge detail, if you like)

Here is another sample 1-Bedroom Hale-12 design.   We can give you a more precise cost estimate once we know more about your materials selections, height of your foundation, whether you are working with a contractor or are an owner-builder, etc.


As with the Hale-8's, we can either extend (rectangular) or expand (radiating) the Hale-12 ...

Extended Hale-12's

This is a Hale-12 with an extended covered Entry Lanai.  This design also features a storage loft above the Bedroom and Bath areas.  (Depending on your wall-panel height selection, you can adjust the height of space in any loft areas you might like to have.)

Here is an example of a Hale-12 which has been extended (with rectangular room extension, giving added kitchen and laundry space).

This will also show you approximate cost ranges, if you plan to build in Hawaii.  This plan features loft space above the two bedrooms and the bathroom, so you have a nice view of the open-beam ceiling from the living area:


Here is a very similar design, on a post-and-pier foundation, with some radiating covered lanai sections wrapping around. 

You could say this one is both extended (kitchen) and expanded (lanais):


Expanded Hale-12's


You already know that you can add wrap-around lanais, on all or part of your Hale.  You can also wall some of them in as additional rooms, as you like.   We call these "expanded areas"...

Here is a nice 2-Bedroom design with a partial circular wrap-around deck, using part of it to house the bedroom, study and bath areas, and thus leaving a large expansive living and dining area in the main Hale-12.  

 The above plan uses 9' room widths, and it is possible to go larger.  Extending outwards means you will want to build higher walls on the main Hale-12, so that the extended roof over your lanai/outer rooms will still be high enough for a good view out of all the windows. 

Here is another example, using 10' expanded lanai and room areas.  Inside, you can have your bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. "wrapping" around the main central living area.   This plan has a full wrap-around lanai -- it adds ceiling height and over 300 sq. ft to the previous home:


wpe74542.gif (1250275 bytes)                      

This is an example of an Expanded Hale-12 on a post-and-pier foundation:

This next design also has 10' room extensions and adds 2 baths, a walk-in pantry, broom closet and a laundry room, and it makes good advantage of your nice views with a large wrap-around lanai across the whole front of the large open living areas and bedrooms:

 Here are some photos of a master bedroom and bath area, similar to the one shown in the above design sketch:


(click any photos to enlarge)


The Hales can be assembled onto any type of foundation, according to your preference...

Expanded Hale-12 on Post-and-Pier Foundation


The next one (below) shows a similar design on a concrete pad, which takes less building materials and allows for easy walk-on access between your lanai area and lawns, etc. . 

Sample of some Covered Lanais on concrete pad foundation:



Here is a spacious 3-Bedroom 2-Bath design with covered Lanai and lots of interior living space
(on a concrete slab foundation) :



Here is another  Expanded Hale-12 done on a post-and-pier foundation:

A Night View...

Here are some more expanded lanai photos from some of our clients' homes... 





To design your own perfect home layout, feel free to use any of the floor plan ideas shown above, such as:

  • Lofts

  • Extended Areas (rectangular room extensions)

  • Expanded Areas (for Lanai and/or Rooms)

so your new home will fit the needs of your family and your budget, and to take best advantage of your home-building site - the lay of your land, and any nice views that you may have. 

We'll be happy to help you with your design, make sure it meets building codes, and give you a pricing estimate for what you have in mind.

Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

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