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Up Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

Floor Plan Designs

 Photos (below) will enlarge to show more detail, when you click on them.

Our unique design system makes use of our  beautifully hand-crafted wall and roof/ceiling panels, custom-made to the specs of your MFH architectural plans, and ready for your quick assembly.  

Your beautiful new home or cottage (we call them Hale's, pronounced "Ha-Lay", which is the Hawaiian word for house or home) can be weather tight in just one to several days, depending upon the size of your home! 

You get to custom-design your own layout, and we have a number of examples here so you can see how some of our past clients have done their custom-home floor plan layouts.  

So, take a look at the different hale sizes and styles.    Once you find a design that is close to what you like, then you can feel free to move around rooms - and even add or subtract entire hales, to create the custom home design -- size, shape and layout -- that best suits your wants and your needs.

A note about... Building Cost Estimates

Remember, we are supplying the ready-to-assemble panelized shell package -- You and/or your builder will finish out the rest.   So this gives you some control over your finished home "turn-key" costs...   So, How much will my new home cost to complete?

1) If you are an owner builder, you can probably look at the mid-lower end of the turn-key range, and adjust more or less, depending upon how much of your project you will do yourself, and how much you will need to hire  help for. 

2) If you will be hiring a general contractor to handle your overall building project, you will want to look at the higher end of those ranges, and in today's market (if you're building in Hawaii) you will probably add  on up to 20-30%, depending on the vicinity of your building site and your contractor's rates.   (You can ask your builder for an actual bid, once your plan is determined.)

Labor costs can vary in different locations.  In budgeting, you can eliminate labor costs for any part of your project that you can or want to do yourself.

You have freedom to shop for your items such as your fixtures, cabinets/counters, floor coverings and roofing materials, and this gives you flexibility - both in your budget and in the creative design aspects of your new home.  Our turn-key price estimates are based on owner-builders using economy to mid-price range fixtures and materials.   If you want to add upper grades of materials and other special "finishing touches" to customize and embellish your new home or cottage, you can go up from there.

Please feel free to call us for any additional assistance in getting customized design and building estimates for your desired project.

Here are some of our models . . . 

                You can click each link to enter its Floor Plan Design Section:

The Hale-12's     (30' diameter 12-sided Dodecagon)
 wpe74542.gif (1250275 bytes)        wpe78617.gif (428913 bytes) 


2-1/3 times the sq. ft. of the Hale-8, the Hale-12 is open and spacious, with a 6' skylight in the center. 



Optional radiating covered lanais add a nice touch.




The shell assembles weather-tight in one day --
See how the roof/ceiling panels slide into place! 


To see floor plan designs, photos and pricing for the Hale-12's, click here to enter:   Hale-12 Designs.

2-Story Hale-12    

Lots of floor plan options become available in the 2-story format, including extended wrap-around decks, lower level parking, and of course a bird's-eye vantage point for panoramic views.         

To see floor plan designs, photos and pricing for the  2-Story Hale-12's, click here:   2-Story Hale-12 Designs.

   wpe67621.gif (1109873 bytes)      wpe86547.gif (1108760 bytes)

Larger Custom Hale Combination Homes   

    wpe86953.gif (873855 bytes)  wpe34077.gif (378870 bytes)

The Hales can be combined in almost unlimited combinations and formations, single and 2-story, with a variety of options for connecting them, such as covered walkways, breezeways or rectangular room connection areas inside the living areas.


Our larger homes are stunning examples of how custom-home features and elegance can be obtained at package home prices.

   wpe27873.gif (318671 bytes)




Let your imagination be your guide, as you browse through a few sample plans from some of the larger homes we have built.

wpe28813.gif (1067431 bytes)  wpe39587.gif (871536 bytes)

To see floor plan designs, photos and pricing for the  Larger Custom Homes, click here:   Larger  Home Designs.

The Hale-8's    (20' diameter 8-sided Octagon)   


      wpe72096.gif (790284 bytes)

Our original classic design octagon cottage, with beautiful, open-beam redwood and cedar ceiling. 


Assembles weather-tight in one day.


To see floor plan designs, photos and pricing for the Hale-8's, click here to enter:  Hale-8 Designs.


The Hale-6  (12' diameter 6-sided Hexagon)    

Perfect as an extra bedroom

a private office

guest room  wpe96732.gif (1305146 bytes)

 or even a sauna

To find out more about the Hale-6's and the many ways they can enhance your life, click here:  Hale-6 Designs.

 wpe48782.gif (2289335 bytes)

Gazebos, Garages, Saunas, and Fun Stuff !

wpe80495.gif (449581 bytes)     


The Hales have found many uses, in many different places.  Such as:

  •  Sauna / Bath House

  •  Gazebos

  •  2-Car Garages

  •  Game Rooms

  •  Beach Bar - Outdoor Dining

  •  Billiards Rooms

  •  Guest Cottages

  •  Music Studios

  •  Meditation Rooms

  •  Covered Swimming Pool

  •  and more. 


To see some more fun and useful  ideas for the Hales, click here:  Gazebos, Fun Stuff !! 


If you have more ideas of your own, we'd love to hear from you.  

When you're ready, you can call or email us with your ideas, floor-plan desires or questions. 

Links to the Floor Plan Design Areas:


Up Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

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