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                   A Third Adjoining Land Block

                   with Two Additional Homes

          for Residence, Office Suite, Staff and/or Rentals


Adjoining to the front two blocks that contain the Beach Resort / Guest facilities...

          We've designed and built a Home for ourselves, Expanded Hale-8.

                       plus a fully equipped Expanded Hale-8 Studio.




                                   ~ Our Home

    Just newly completed in 2020;   in fact, we haven't completely moved in yet!

   This could be desirable as a larger place for live-in onsite managers or possibly furnished 
   for Day Spa facilities (plus managers' quarters) , with its convenient location at the front
                         entrance of the Resort Property, close to the parking area.

This Expanded Hale-8 Home Includes:

  •  A Central Living Room (full Hale-8,  20' diameter) 

     with Rooftop Ceiling Cupola:    




Evening Ambiance, Recessed Ceiling Lighting ....

 There are Eight (8) Radiating Room Sections around the Central Hale-8 Living Area:

  •  Kitchen and Dining Areas    (or Day Spa Reception and Tea?)



  •  Full Bathroom with extended Bath Tub, and spacious Double Shower.



  •   Three Additional Rooms:  for Bedrooms, Office, Massage, etc. (See Floor Plan Sketch)

  •   This Home has a Covered Carport.   

  •  Lifetime Aluminum Roofing (non-corrosive) and all Marine-grade Materials. 

  •  Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom and Study are wired with both 110v (USA) and 240v (Local) power outlets.

  •  Propane Gas for Cook-stove and On-Demand (Paloma) Water Heaters.

  •  Includes Inverter Air Conditioning.


Click to enlarge any photos or floor plan sketch.

Please note:  We understand the new owners of the Beach Resort may wish to have additional onsite living quarters,
    and that acquiring this 3rd property may be important to your overall goals, so we are willing to relocate accordingly. 
    As this is our home/residence, our personal furnishings will go with us, if we move out to allow you to have this
    land block added  (either now or later)  with the rest of the property purchase.  We will either stay here, or include it
    with the resort sale, in order to accommodate the wishes of new owners. 





        And ...


                                   ~ Clare's Studio / Office ~


This Expanded Hale-8 Studio Includes:

  •  A Central Living Room (full Hale-8 20' diameter)  




  •  Four (4) Radiating Room Sections around the Central Hale-8, with:

       * Kitchen

       * Bathroom, with Tub/Shower Combo

       * Spacious Walk-In Clothes and/or Storage Closet 


  •  An additional Outdoor-accessed Bathroom with toilet, sink, shower and foot wash. 

  •  Lifetime Aluminum Roofing (non-corrosive) and all Marine-grade Materials.

  •  Wired with both 110v/60 hz (USA) and 240v/50 hz (Local) power outlets.

  •  Propane Gas for Cook-stove and On-Demand (Paloma) Water Heaters.

  •  Includes Installed Air Conditioning.




                        ( This Studio building will still needed by us, as a temporary lease-back,
                                 until we finish construction of the replacement office that we are
                                            constructing, probably till near the end of year 2022. )


This Property Also Includes:

  •   A Multi-Purpose Maintenance Shed, housing:  

        * Whole-house UV Water Purification System (for both Home & Studio)

        * Pure sine-wave Step-down Power Converter (240v/50 hz to 110v/60 hz) suitable for Electronics.

        * Water pump located inside solid building, for separation and sound insulation to living areas.

Also, for the Property:

  •   All underground Utilities (Electric, Phone, Internet, Plumbing.

  •   Electrical Switching boxes for easy transfer between generator or municipal power supply.





                   Up About the Resort! 3rd Block-Option Espiritu Santo


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