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  • Two-Story Hale-12's

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    Lots of floor plan options become available in the 2-story format, including expanded wrap-around decks, lower level parking, and of course a bird's-eye vantage point for panoramic views.  





      As you've seen with all our Hale-8 and Hale-12 models, our unique self-supporting compression open-beam ceiling/roof system allows not only a beautiful overhead interior, but gives complete interior room design flexibility

        So, if you want lots of rooms, or lots of open space, or something in between, this is the building system which will meet your needs.

    A 2-story Hale-12 is structurally engineered to accommodate all your interior floor plan ideas, and it offers the potential for sweeping panoramic views all around, from open or covered wrap-around lanais.    



    Here is a very popular floor plan, the 2-Story Hale-12, with 360-degree surrounding covered lanai extensions, giving lots of additional floor space and sweeping panoramic views all the way around:

    Lower-level Lanais are usually poured as your concrete pad foundation. 
    They can be surrounded with lawns,
    and you may choose to add ceramic tile in some areas:



    In this home design, the lower floor has 3 bedrooms (with surrounding lanai) and a large bathroom with laundry facilities

     (Of course you can lay out your rooms in most any way you desire):

    Here's an interesting note... 
    for those who enjoy the natural wood interior look:

    The ceilings in downstairs rooms can be covered
    with (termite-resistant) POC Cedar paneling
    for about the same overall cost of installing sheetrock. 


    Ask us for more details

    Upstairs, you have a spacious open living/dining/kitchen area with high open beam ceilings
    and lots of views and decks all around:



    click any photo to enlarge

      Here is an example of a 2-Story Hale-12 with a 3-Bedroom layout.  On the lower floor, each bedroom can have its own bathroom and private covered entrance, and the upper floor is laid out with lots of windows and covered lanai to take advantage of the view:

    Special recommendation for 2-Story homes... While requiring more materials to build the full wrap lanai, we feel it is a valuable contribution on a 2-Story home, as it adds much more coverage and protection from the elements for the very tall cedar walls on 2-story homes. 

    We recommend a lanai on all weather-facing sides of your 2-Story home, and suggest at least a longer roof overhang in any other areas.



         Here is a design that includes 5+ Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Laundry a full 2-Car Garage, Workshop, Study  and lots of sweeping views from the Living Area and Upstairs Bedrooms, with this large covered Lanai:



    Here is an interesting layout enhancement of the above design...


    Take a closer look at the perimeter living area walls (2nd floor)
    and you will see that they have been opened up to expand the Living Area
    onto what was Lanai before.  And the covered Lanai is taken outward a few feet more...

    This will give you an expanded Living Area like this

    (the vertical posts are at the perimeter of the central Hale-12):



    Plus, an added covered outdoor wrap-around Lanai like this:


    Much design freedom, as you can see...

    If you see something you like on our website, and you would like some further design assistance
    to come up with the home of your dreams, feel free to give us a call.


    Click here to see a slide show of a new 2-Story Multi-Facetted home
    under construction in Discovery Harbor.


    Every MF Home is unique and custom-designed.

    We will be happy to assist you and your imagination in creating the home design
    that best fulfills your needs and budget.

    Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...


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