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The 1120 Series

Home Designs

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 When we connect a  Hale-12 and a Hale-8 as in the following sketch, we call this home  "1120 Series", as it results in about 1,120 sq. ft. of interior living space.  

  Here is a sample layout for a 3-bedroom home in the "1120 Series",  which provides for a private master suite in the Hale-8 end of the home: 

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Here is another "1120 Series" home, almost identical inside to the one above, and it includes the optional roof-top Cupola above the Hale-8 master bedroom. 


Here is how the inside of the Cupola can look:


Another  "1120 Series" layout with Cupola - this is a nice, spacious 2-bedroom / 2 bath design...  


Here's a photo of the backside of a similar home exterior, showing the Cupola on a connected Hale-8:

Here is an "1120 Series" home with some Covered Lanai areas wrapping the front of the home.

Inside you can have any layout you like, and this one is a 2-Bedroom design with a nice open kitchen/living area:

As it is possible to add Wrap-Around Lanai to any of the MFH Hales, you can also wrap some extra rooms and/or lanai space around a home such as the 1120 Series.  

Here is a nice 2-bedroom "1120 Series" design that makes use of some added Covered Lanai areas.  Remember that you can custom design your home and floor plan, and add lanai areas to take advantage of your views, areas of privacy, entrances, or wherever you may like:


If you like this design, but want just a bit more interior space, you can always enlarge the center connection area.   The "1120 Series"  uses a connection area that is 2-panels long, and 2-panels wide.  Here is a design with a one-panel longer connection area, which increases the square footage to 1,240.  

So the room connection area is 3-panels long, and still 2-panels wide.  Here is a sample "1240 Series" plan, that includes a rectangular add-on garage/laundry area (to be built onsite):

And here is a sketch of the outside of these folks' home, including entry lanai and cupola:


Here is another example... This home has the regular (2x2 panel) connection area, and they added some covered lanais and room extensions, front and back - which increased the square footage to 1,470...

And here is a sketch of the outside, showing the covered areas of the home, the additional rooms and lanai area...

As you can see, your design possibilities are unlimited - in adding many sizes of room extensions, connections and/or radiating wrap-around room and lanai extensions.


 We will be happy to help you customize your home to fit your needs and your construction budget.



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