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Retreat Centers


When it comes to planning Retreat Centers, the Hale's naturally lend themselves to all kinds of creative layouts, providing private retreat housing, and both connected or separate facilities for  kitchens, dining, bath, laundry and/or meeting areas.


The style and charm of the Hales is an enhancement to rest, relaxation, community and privacy.   


Depending on your needs, and the aspects of your building site, you can get very creative in designing Retreat Centers using the Hale's and the Multi-Facetted building system.  


And the panelized shell packages make it an easy process to assemble your retreat buildings and cottages on the property in just days -- a great savings in labor costs.

For remote locations, the hales are a great way to simplify your building process, as they are ready to assemble anywhere.

The lifetime natural woods add warmth and charm,

as well as termite-resistance and durability to the elements.


The Hale's can be designed in any combination, with fully flexible interior layouts.  


Here is an example of a Retreat Center plan, done by one of our customers...  

This plan makes use of lots of decks, which extend out and wrap around the meeting room, a large central deck area, and walkway decks which connect out to a number of private Hale-6 guest rooms, all wrapped around an open central garden area:

This plan includes:

  •  A large Hale-12 Meeting Room with adjoining Restroom facilities

  •  2 Lounges

  •  A Kitchen and Dining area

  •  4 private Hale-6 Guest Rooms (any number possible)

  •  Men's and Women's Toilets and Showers

  •  2 larger Hale-8 Master Bedroom Suites, perhaps for live-in staff


       For your retreat center planning needs, let us know how many guests you would like to accommodate, and what type of facilities you will need -- and we can assist you with your design and building cost planning.

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Hale-12 Designs 2-Story Hale-12 Larger Home Plans Hale-8 Designs The Hale-6 Retreat Centers Saunas, Fun Stuff...

   ~ Celebrating 29 Years of Excellence ~  
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