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Financing For Your Building Project

Here are some Lenders and Mortgage Brokers with whom we have had good experiences in the past.  We are not able to stay updated with all the changing loan programs, and we hope that these contacts may be of assistance to you in finding about current loan and/or financing programs that may suit your needs:

Financing Referrals

Will you be an owner-builder, looking for favorable financing or even a flexible construction loan?  


If you have a home or workplace already established in Hawaii Island, you may open an account with the Credit Union of Hawaii.

A very helpful and personalized institution for those living and/or working in Hawaii.  You will find professional assistance with an added level of flexibility and the spirit of Aloha at the Credit Union of Hawaii, now with several branches across the island.  

       Credit Union of Hawaii     

         Office:   808-933-6700                     Toll-Free:  800-933-6706

         Visit Online:  www.cuhawaii.com                                    


Island Home Loans specializes in assisting Owner-Builders to obtain the financial resources they need to construct the Hawaiian homes of their dreams, without requiring a lot of the "red tape" needed by many lenders.

As a mortgage broker, they work with both local and mainland lenders.  they can take your application and "shop it around" for your best advantage.  At times, they have offered some remarkable programs for Fast Construction Loans:  

  • Owner-Builder Construction Loans (no bonding required)
  • Contractor and Investor Financing
  • Spec Home Construction Loans
  • 100% Project Financing Available
  • No Income Verification Required

And then to roll your construction loan into a permanent mortgage of your choice, at competitive rates.

You can contact Gary Young for Free Pre-approval for the construction loan of your choice, and he will let you know what amount you can qualify for, with a minimum of paperwork requested.

Island Home Loans, a Branch of Meridian Mortgage, Inc.

Gary Young, Construction Lending Specialist            Office: 808-961-0605

                                                                                       Cell: 345-6478

    110 Kinoole Street, Hilo, HI  96720                          Fax: 935-3374

Will you have a General Contractor, and want to save costs with a competitive construction loan?  

If you will have a General Contractor overseeing your job, you may still be able to get a construction mortgage loan, with low points and rates.  You can work directly with this lender -- no real need for a mortgage broker to assist you.  

A full-service lender, all set up to roll your construction loan over into the best terms to meet your personal needs and goals...

American Savings Bank        Dennis M. Santiago, Senior Loan Officer                    

                                                                                                Direct Phone: (808) 933-7536

                                                                                                Cell: (808) 895-6779   

Hilo Branch:                                                                           Toll-Free: 1-800-272-2566

100 Pauahi Street, Hilo, HI 96720

Honolulu:  PO Box 2300, Honolulu, HI  96804-2300              Emaildsantiago@asbhawaii.com

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   ~ Celebrating 29 Years of Excellence ~  
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