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Visiting Some 

Multi-Facetted Hales

Q.  Do you have any Models, where I can visit and walk inside some actual Multi-Facetted Homes?

A.  They are not exactly "model homes", but -- Yes -- We do have a group of Multi-Facetted Homes that you can visit and tour through...   We know that people want to see these homes, and we're always excited about showing you the high level of quality and beauty -- and the special feel that can only be grasped by actually being inside some of the different Hales.


We also love for folks to discover the kind of "upper end" look and feel of these homes, and to realize that all this is available -- along with custom-designing -- at package prices that are comparable to other homes of lower-quality construction materials and detail.


Because we do all that we can to save on costs  and provide you with a high-quality, lifetime product at the most reasonable price possible -- we do not tack on a profit-margin to your package for building and maintaining  "model homes",  just for our own promotional purposes.  

So to assist new-home shoppers, our Designer opens up his personal residence for private walk-through visits, on an appointment basis.  


At our Designer's home, there are  several hales of different sizes and materials, which were built at different times over the past 10 years... so you can get a very good idea of some of the actual materials and possibilities for the custom-designed Multi-Facetted Home you could be considering for your own future home.

These homes are located on the Hilo side of the Big Island.   


Feel free to call us for an appointment!

Depending upon which day you come...   

During your appointment, our designer and CEO, Michael Joslin (or his wife Clare) will meet with you personally to show you through their home to visit whatever models you are interested in seeing.  You can pick up complementary floor plan design sheets of your choice, and you can see examples of different materials selections.

If you come on one of Michael's tour days, he will also be able to answer any of your building and/or design questions.  If time allows, Michael can assist you with your own design development and anything else you may need, during your personal appointment time with him.

   (Separate appointments are available if you will need more personal design assistance outside the time allotted for visiting the hales.) 


In building literally hundreds of hales over the past 15 years, no two are exactly alike!

Touring these homes will give you a chance to see examples of various aspects (doors, windows, different grades of siding, room connections, etc.) that you can choose to use in having us create your own Multi-Facetted home shell package. 


When it comes to planning or considering a new custom home, it's usually impossible to see an actual sample of a home design that you can envision and would like to build.    We hope that being able to tour these existing Multi-Facetted homes will give you a tangible idea of the look and feel, and the craftsmanship that will go into the home of your own design - a custom Multi-Facetted Home that will be individually designed to fit your own needs, desires and dreams.

If you'd like to come for a tour, give our office a call and we will help you to arrange an appointment for you.

Special note:  If you are planning a visit, please try to call several weeks in advance of your trip for scheduling.  Our available appointments have been filling up, and we generally have folks on a waiting list.

"Hawaiian-style" tip:  You might like to bring some easy slip-on style shoes, for going in and out of some different natural-wood homes and cottages.


In addition to meeting with you in person, we are always available to provide you with design and building support assistance by phone and fax, at your convenience. 

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   ~ Celebrating 29 Years of Excellence ~  
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