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Blank Design Worksheets

Feel free to print out any of our floor plan designs which appeal to you!  We can help you with ordering any of the models you see in our Website, and/or with implementing any design changes you would like to make.

            For those who are more Adventurous . . . 

If you would like to do some of your own designing, or try out your own floor plan ideas, here are some blank sheets which can be cut and pasted to come up with layouts for all of our most popular models. 

How to use them?  Just right-click on one to select it, and you will be able to copy and paste, save and/or print them. 

Print them out, sketch your layout, and fax it over to our offices.  We will be glad to help you with more design details, and building code compliance, to meet your building needs. 

Have fun designing your own Multi-Facetted dream home!!

Here are two Hale-8's with a 2-panel long and 3-panel wide connection, and measurements:

This sketch gives you the dimensions of the Hale-8, and the Hale-12, with an optional 2-panel wide connection, the 1120 Series:

wpe67250.gif (223210 bytes)

When you are connecting Hale's, you can make your connections either 1, 2 or 3 panels wide.  Here is an example of the 3-panel wide connection, with measurements for your reference:

wpe79356.gif (329629 bytes)

You can now plan your layout in any combination.    For example:

This layout is also known as the 1600 Series and you can arrange the wings in any direction(s) you like.

The next floor plan combines 2 Hale-12's and 2 Hale-8's wrapped around a central courtyard and/or deck area.  (The Hale-12 on the right is cut off on the front, to give you a template for a 2-car garage.)

wpe76382.gif (203224 bytes)

You can see a sample interior layout (with room divisions, etc.) for the above floor plan under "2600 Series" in this Web site, under the "Larger Custom Combination Homes" Page. 

Next are some blank sheets for laying out the Hales with radiating Lanai, Decks, and/or expanded Room areas:


Wrap-around lanai is usually designed with 8', 9' or 10' deck widths, depending on your preference. 

The wrap-around area can include open deck and/or enclosed rooms, as you choose.

For a covered roof and overhang ...  in order to have good visual clearance out your windows, the roofline over the lanai will be designed at a flatter, plantation-style pitch. 

The further out you go with your deck width, the higher you will want to have your interior wall heights, so the roof edge will stay above your upper window heights.  Feel free to ask our designer(s) to help you with more specifics  (materials and pricing) for that.

Wrap-around lanai and/or rooms can be added onto both the Hale-8 or the Hale-12 homes:

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